For almost a century, Nikon Corporation has remained the top choice of casual and professional photographers worldwide. It has evolved over the years and is now owned by the Mitsubishi Group. Specializing in imaging and all forms of optics, the company manufactures products for consumers, governments or research organizations worldwide. Today, Nikon cameras are considered leaders in optical performance and digital technology from their latest DSLR models to their state-of-the-art Coolpix point-and-shoot. The company also manufactures quality SLR and DSLR cameras that promise to capture vibrant and impressive photos regardless of your skill level and the occasion.

There are a few other high quality camera brands in the market. A good example is the range of Cannon cameras with similar features to the Nikon line-up. Nevertheless, Nikon has always been the industry leader in terms of new innovations in optic technology. This is why large corporations and governments have always turned to them when obtaining the industry best in performance and technology is crucial. When the company was commissioned by NASA in 1971 to build 35mm SLR cameras for the Apollo Space Program, Nikon provided them with cameras made with new Photomic FTN casings that proved to be strong enough to withstand the rigorous demands of space flight and zero gravity.

Top features of Nikon Cameras

As any experienced photographer will tell you, digital cameras from Nikon come with two distinguishing features. These are picture quality measured by the number of megapixels and Vibration Reduction or VR zoom.

• Picture quality

Picture quality of a camera is determined by the number of megapixels in a camera. Nikon digital cameras come with no less than 5 Megapixels and up to 14MP. Basically the higher a camera's megapixel count, the clearer and sharper the images it will render. High megapixel cameras are generally used for professional photography due to their high cost.

• Vibration reduction

This is a feature that deals with the zooming power of a camera. This is an important factor to consider in a camera since it determines if your device can manage close up shots or not. A camera with at least 4X (VR) zoom should serve you perfectly well. However, if you intend on taking professional level photos, a powerful Nikon camera with auto-focus zoom will do the trick. A camera with a 5X optical zoom feature is great for close up shots, which is perfect for those important family moments.

Nikon cameras are also renowned for their long battery life. Although this feature is available in some other brands such as Cannon camera, Nikon has always led the pack with its use of lithium ion batteries. However, be warned! The life of any camera's battery will diminish after taking multiple pictures in unfavourable weather. The best way to ensure your battery doesn't burn out is to purchase reliable long lasting batteries. With a Nikon camera you're guaranteed to get the power you need and more!


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