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A recent report from Dice and The Linux Foundation states that in the United States, the unemployment rate for tech professionals is 3.8 percent, a major improvement from 5.3 percent last March and significantly better than the 8.3 percent national unemployment rate.  Working with an experienced recruiter will enable companies to find the right person for their open positions. Candidates working with a technology recruiter benefit from an experienced and well-connected professional to help them navigate the labyrinthine technology job marketplace.  Now that tech companies are hiring at a scale not seen since the late 1990's the services of an experienced technology recruiter are more important than ever.

A superior technology recruiter will be able to demonstrate an ability to learn and grow along with the expanding technology fields. In addition, strong recruiters have the ability to engage with and properly qualify the top talent that will meet the needs of their client.

Since the start of his career over 15 years ago, Scott Robarge has been recruiting high technology professionals and building teams for a variety of technology companies, including Fortune 500 and pre-IPO clients. Some of his current and previous clients include Facebook, Airbnb, Cloudera, Groupon, LinkedIn, shopkick, Dropbox, salesforce.com, Oracle and others.  Scott Robarge's extensive experience allows him to help technology companies scale their organizations in order to meet their current and long-term talent acquisition goals.

"I'm driven by my passion to help people find what they're truly looking for, both from the client and candidate perspective, " says Scott Robarge. "I utilize my network, an applicant tracking system to mine our database, social media, as well as other resources to ensure I engage with the most qualified candidates for my client."

Scott Robarge's specific industries of specialization include consumer, enterprise, and infrastructure offerings, ranging from retail, advertising, social, search, big data, etc.. Over the course of his career, Scott Robarge has been responsible for the entire recruiting cycle including sourcing, defining sourcing strategy, college recruiting programs, qualification of candidates; managing the interview process, interview training, offer negotiation and the immigration process. As his experience grew, Scott Robarge was able to offer his specific brand of insight to hiring managers, training them on what to look for in a candidate.

"In addition to  engineers that have made good career decisions by not job hopping, the best candidates demonstrate a willingness to constantly learn and stay up-to-date on the constantly changing technology world by participating in open source projects on sites such as GitHub," explains Scott Robarge. "For senior-level candidates, I look for those who can demonstrate their experience in the software lifecycle."

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